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Oven Cleaning Rutland

Aga cookers are the heart and warmth of the kitchen, becoming an iconic feature of homes around the world since they were first invented in 1922. But owning an Aga cooker can be a very unique experience, as Agas differ from conventional gas and electric ovens. Once you know how to use an Aga cooker, however, you will never look back!

Here are our top Aga cooking and cleaning hacks, to make using your Aga oven an even more enjoyable experience.

Everyday AGA Cooker Tips:

  • Leave jars of jam and syrup on the warm (but not hot) top part of your Aga cooker for easy spreading when baking. Leave the lids loosened and place a piece of kitchen roll under the jar to protect the Aga enamel.
  • Make delicious pizzas by cooking them directly on the floor of the Aga Roasting Oven. You can keep the oven floor clean by cleaning it with a wire brush.
  • You can use the warmth from the top of your Aga oven to prepare ingredients for baking and cooking, soften butter, melt chocolate and warm bread flour.
  • To bring a stale loaf of bread back to life, cut off the end slice, hold the loaf cut side down for a few seconds under a running cold tap, and place the loaf in the roasting oven for four minutes.
  • For crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside meringues, start the meringues in the roasting oven. Leave in for 2 minutes before transferring to the warming oven to dry out.
  • Keep your food hot while entertaining guests by leaving it to simmer or in the warming oven of your Aga Cooker.
  • Get the most out of your cooker by having the Aga regularly serviced by a professional.

Aga Cooker Cleaning Tips:

If you have been baking, cooking and roasting the Aga out of your Aga cooker, it may begin to look a little worse for wear. The good news is – almost all AGA cookers can be brought back to an extremely high professional standard – even the oldest of models. Our Aga cleaning hacks will ensure your Aga cooker is looking as clean and shiny as the day it was made.

1. Clean spillages up straight away

This may seem the most obvious of Aga cleaning tips, but liquid and food spillages must be cleaned up straight away as the acidity in certain fluids may stain the front plate and doors. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe away these stains immediately.

2. Avoid Oven Cleaning Products

If you have tough food stains on your Aga cooker, use a soft soap filled sponge to clean these away, so you don’t scratch the enamel. Avoid oven cleaning products, instead try an AGA enamel cleaner and AGA e-cloth. Certain components of the Aga cooker, such as the handrail brackets are powder coated, so avoid using an abrasive cleaner on these parts, instead use a warm, soap-filled cloth.

3. Care for your Aga Flue

If you see dust or dirt collecting around the burner door or flue chamber of your Aga cooker, remove it gently with a soft brush. Safety first – do not use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your AGA oven as this could cause a fire.

4. Remove Aga Cooker Doors

Did you know you can remove the doors of your Aga cooker to make cleaning easier? Remember where each door came from ready for when you reinstall them and avoid immersing the AGA doors in water.
If your Aga cooker isn’t looking its gleaming best and you simply don’t have time to give cleaning your Aga a go for yourself, why not call me your local Rutland Ovenclean specialist to make your Aga cooker look as good as new again.


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